Flagler Palm Coast High School Boy's Lacrosse


Drills and Videos

The Notre Dame Lacrosse YouTube station link for drills http://www.youtube.com/user/NDlaxTV


Wall Ball Routine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=828UrMqW72k


Using these videos on your own time and practiceing in the off season will better your bulldog checklist

Run Full Speed.
We shoot Worm Burners.
Shoot Question Mark shots.
Know the Rules of the game.
Shoot Bounce Shots full strength.
Shoot at full strength On the Run.
Run 2 miles in under 14 minutes.
Do 50 straight Push Ups in one set.
Inside Roll and have good stick protection.
Catch Loaded and take Time and Room shots.
Pass and Catch fluidly right-handed and left.
Shoot over hand, underhand and 3/4 accurately.
Pass Behind the Back accurately with at least one hand.
Have proper Footwork. Crow hop, shuffle, high knees, slalom.
We set Picks, on ball, off ball, and slip to the cage or pop out.
Pick up Ground Balls consistently right-handed and left-handed.
Have proper Stick Mechanics – no hanging sticks, no alligator arms.
Will Attack the ground ball, get low, box out and protect possession.
Understand how to Separate from defenders and can press and bounce.
All Have an Enthusiastic Attitude and a Dedicated Work Ethic every day.




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