Flagler Palm Coast High School Boy's Lacrosse


Lose to Winter Springs

Mar. 18, 2008

St. Patrick ’s Day. The luck of the Irish was upon the purple team and not the green last night as we traveled to Winter Springs on Coach Holloways birthday. The Bulldogs played well last night to score 6 beautiful goals on Florida’s #5, Winter Springs. The bears are a deep team with plenty of college potential by its many senior players. Springs, senior star, Taylor Roop (#15) went for 9 points (3-6) last night for the bears. The Bulldogs pulled out 2 solid quarters of lacrosse but couldn’t put it together for 48 full minutes. The final score WS 20, 6 FPC.

FPC Offense was led by junior standout Jake Lachiusa (#5), Who had an amazing night scoring 3 text-book goals against one of the best teams around. Senior Dan Kleinschmit (#3) was a hit with his two dribble and dunk top shelf goals. The 6th goal came from sophomore Jeff Allar (#9). Allar caught the ball in the air after a shot by Lachiusa that hit the pipe and bounced 90 degrees right to Allar. The defense was still turned towards Lachiusa and freed Allar up for a beautiful time-and-room shot.



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